Solar Charge Controllers


The main function of a charge controller or regulator is to protect your battery from overcharge and block a reverse current. If a non-self-regulating solar array is connected to lead acid batteries with no overcharge protection, the life of your batteries will be compromised. Simple controllers contain a transistor that shunt the PV charging circuit, terminating the charge at a pre-set high voltage and, once a pre-set reconnect is reached, opens the shunt, allowing charging to resume.



  • Microcontroller Control for Fully Intelligent System
  • Utilizes Serial Mode PWM Control for Maximum Efficiency
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Digital LED Indication for Charging and Battery Status
  • Suitable for Both 12V and 24V Systems
  • Suitable for Gel, Sealed and Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries
  • Full Installation Instructions Included